We treat almost every kind of unwanted hair for Women. At Derma Laser Clinic, our motive is to provide comfort and excellent results. We most treated the areas include face laser hair removal, facial hair removal, bikini line laser hair removal, Leg Laser hair removal. But a complete detail is given as below.

Upper lip:

For women, hair on upper lip is displeasure. There are various painful methods like wax, plucking which helps to remove hair but you have to do on regular basis. To get rid of this, more and more people are going for laser hair removal on upper lip.


Several women have undesirable hair around the chin area too. On Derma Laser Clinic hair removal of chin will hardly takes 15 minutes and is a straightforward procedure.

Cheeks & Side locks:

Women have to deal with unpleasant hair and wish for clear and smooth skin. On regular basis, they have to do wax, shave and bleach to hide the facial hair. Frequent use of these can irritate the skin. Facial hair removal is a quick process. A sequence of facial hair removal treatments can be life changing and gives you confidence. You may require touch up treatments if you want to keep the hair at bay.


No one wants the tufts of hair, which are poking out of ears. Laser ear hair removal is the recent technique, which can help you to get rid of this unwanted hair from the ears. This technique uses the pulse light that works to impair the hair follicle. This treatment can require multiple sessions and can be costly too.


Neck is quite the common part to have laser hair removal for women. Neck laser hair removal is the most suitable for people having light skin and dark hair. Every type of laser and IPL can be used for laser hair removal.

Upper Torso:

 It is no furtive that you are much confident having unsightly hair on your arms, under arms, legs, back etc. having hair on your upper body can bound you to select clothes and can make you uncomfortable in daily life. Do not let the hair to be the reason for keeping your full sleeves shirt on. Repeat shaving can make skin prone to ingrown hair, cysts or dark skin with marks. Go for Derma Laser Clinicfor hair removing treatment. You can go for full body laser hair removal. First hair is smashed using laser, hair will shed out completely and pores in the skin will close making your skin smooth and silky.

Our prices

Pricing details for our services

Upper Body Laser Hair Removal

Single Session 6 Sessions 8 Sessions
Face £85 £500 £600
Hands & Fingers £55 £220 £260
Nipple £55 £220 £280
Underarms £70 £350 £410
Abdomen £100 £450 £550
Lower or Upper Arms £150 £600 £720
Shoulders £200 £600 £720
Chest £130 £600 £720
Full Arms £220 £750 £850
Full Back £250 £800 £900

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